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spikegifted - Where was the wedding?

The wedding was at Eglise Saint Pierre, Place de L'Eglise Saint Pierre in Baden, Morbihan. It is located in the Brittany, in the west of France. It is near the city of Vannes. The celebration meal is going to take place in the city of Vannes itself, at 6 Allee Sud du Bois du Vincin. (See below maps)

I'm not going to give you all the tourist propaganda about how beautiful the area around the Golfe du Morbihan is and there's no point lecturing you about the cultural and historic sites in Morbihan. There are loads of web sites around the internet covering these topics and I can't hope to be as comprehensive as they are. However, I've got a few links here that will have you a rough idea about Morbihan and Brittany. They should be good places to start. (Warning: some of these sites are not in English.) By the way, Brittany is a Celtic nation! Here's a map with original Celtic names for various places in Brittany...


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