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Josephine W. C. Siu


Your love and kindness are boundless.

You are the most courageous woman I have ever known.

Your bravery and determination are examples to all who know you. 

I shall miss you very much.

Rest with the knowledge that the love you have for your son is equal in return.

Rest in peace.


A Tribute to Mom (read during the Memorial Service, April 23, 2008)

It is unfortunate that Mom lost her battle against her illnesses. After all these years of hard work, under very difficult circumstances, she deserved to enjoy the fruits of her labor. However, that was not to be.

There are many ways to describe Mom, but there are three things Mom has left an impression on me.

1. Dignity

This was often mistaken as being timid or being a push-over. She was neither timid nor a push-over. She had the grace and composure not to be intimidated by those who took advantage of her. Her physical conditions allowed some less kind-hearted people to take advantage of her and she knew it. The fact that she did not fight back publicly did not mean she was afraid; she just took it on her stride and moved on. She didnít want people to pity her, but their respect and friendship. Fortunately, there were many who had hearts big enough and eyes open enough to recognize that.

2. Determination

By any measure, life has dealt Mom a difficult hand. Illnesses, professional set-backs, personal problems, more illnesses, nothing could stop her. No-one can imagine her daily struggle - the simplest of things were momentous tasks for her. Yet she soldiered on without allowing such trivial things as disability to affect her for much of her life. Her determination was unsurpassed by anyone I know. Many a lesser person would have given up long ago, yet Mom managed to make the most of what life has forced on her - without complaints.

3. Love

There are many levels of love and Mom had them in abundance. It was love that moved her to travel halfway across the world to spend time with Dad. No matter what eventually happened to their marriage, it was love that allowed Mom to married into the Siu family. As a difficult child, I have given Mom many headaches and heartaches, but again, it was love that later moved us closer together. It is often said that there is no greater love than that between mother and child. I can certainly attest to that: Mom had saved me during my darkest hours, without regard for her own personal difficulties. For that, Iím eternally grateful. I donít think there is anymore anyone can ask a mother to do.

And that is how I would remember her by: dignity, determination and love. Rest in peace, Mom.