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spikegifted - Pictures of my setups

Pictures of my setup


Although I started owning PCs since 1994, this was the first picture of my setup. You can clearly see three rigs there: the tower on the left was my gaming rig, the tower on the right was my work rig and the desktop under the desk was my server. The 19" CRT was used exclusively for gaming; the work rig and the server shared the 17" unit.


This was pretty much the same setup as the first picture except that I upgrade the work rig's graphics card to a dual display unit and I recycled the old 14" CRT for dual-monitor action for the first time.


The environment might have change, but the setup was pretty much the same except that the old tired 14" CRT was replaced by another high quality 17" unit.


Another change of environment... While the monitors have pretty much remained the same, as the built up of old parts continued, some of them were recycled and were rebuilt at computing power. The work rig was tower in the middle of the picture and gaming rig was to the left of the 19" CRT. The mid-tower on the far right was rebuilt from old parts. Another 'Frankenstein' was sitting under the white desk. The server, in a mid-tower, was just under the brown desk.


The old monitors have been replaced with larger and/or higher quality units. The work rig (blue, middle) continued to have dual-monitor setup, but now with a pair of identical 19" completely flat CRT. A newer 19" CRT was hooked up to the gaming rig (metallic; far right, bottom of three rigs), but now with, again, a completely flat model. The three render rigs (grey; two under white desk and one left of work rig) and the server (under brown desk) shared the 19" CRT with the gaming box via KMV switch. The two smaller rigs (metallic and black, both far right) outputted to a 15" LCD. The pursuit of computing power continued - a total of eight rigs in the picture.


After years of expansion, reality set in and the number of rigs have been significantly reduced. However, there were still the monster-size CRTs which took up significant amount of space. This was taken just after moving into the new apartment. While it was clear that the rigs can get setup, it was impossible to not to feel 'overwhelm' by the sheer size of those CRTs.


As space became a premium, oversized CRTs were replace by LCDs. After a lot of moving around I finally got a configuration that I could work with. The main rig (blue, lower left) was hooked up to both 20" LCDs. The server (black, upper right) and the gaming rig (grey, lower right) were hooked up to one monitor each. With elimination of so many rigs, there was no further need to us KMV switches and each rig was hooked up its own mouse and keyboard.


New house but the setup pretty much remained the same, except that I'm now down to two rigs - a work/general rig and a dedicated gaming rig, both to the left of the desk. No server, no rendering rigs and certainly no more 'hobby' rigs. The whole setup was now a lot more manageable. However that doesn't mean there's less cable-clutter, as seen below the desk.


Ok, it's 'spot the difference' time. Actually, there was not difference between the last setup and this one - except for the monitors. In the space of a 4 months, both the previous 20" units died on me. After a lengthy struggle with the manufacturer, I was supplied with two 21" units as replacements. So, in a way, I got a 'free upgrade' from them... And a lot of aggravation. Still, must not complain...

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