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Weird things that happen to you when you're getting old...

May 21, 2003

Ok... I'm no spring chicken and it has been years that my face looked like a pepperoni pizza. (Thank God!!) In my teenage years, there had been some classic 'battles' between my finger tips and those usual teenage facial problem and my face bears some 'landmarks' of those battle royals... Anyway, part of getting old is that you don't get as many 'zits' as you'd in those youthful days... However, weird things happen to you - like, in my case, mutant nose hair appearing out of nowhere!!

Despite all those weirdnesses, this one has all of them beat!! Over the weekend, I've this huge pain in my nose! And, guess what, it feels just like a spot is coming up from somewhere deep. (Yes, I know that feeling!) But there's no visible sign of anything 'surfacing'... But this is the weird bit - I discovered that this spot is actually 'surfacing' in my nostril!! What the...


May 23, 2003

My nose must be take revenge on me for publicizing my zit-inside-nose problem.... It has now decided that it is a good idea to have a spot on the outside of the nose - at around the same place as the one on the inside... It means that I can't do anything to it - it just hurt too much.

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