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Xeon Motherboard Roundup @ Tom's Hardware

November 11, 2004

[Originally posted by duke]

Tom's Hardware has put together a roundup of 7 dual Xeon motherboards.

The 875P can definitely be called a peculiarity in the workstation market, as this chipset had already been introduced some 18 months ago, back when Intel launched its Pentium 4 processors running at FSB800. Luckily, the Pentium 4 and the Xeon are highly related to each other, making it relatively easy to operate Xeons using the 875P chipset. Reasons for taking this tack are obvious: the chipset memory controller's performance is superior by around 30% while the total chipset cost is about 50% less compared to the E7525 workstation chipset.

You can read the rest of their article over here.


November 13, 2004

It has been a good few years since I last visited Tom's site for a review. Well, they say time is a healer... Well, this roundup has just gave me a cruel reminder of the pain!

I just don't understand why people write massively long reviews/match ups/articles and then split them up tens of pages, but not provide a print function... My patience ran out even before I got to the benchmarks and I just couldn't stop cursing the web browser and its content. I finally broke down and went straight to the conclusion page. On page 44 (yeah, page FORTY-FOUR!! ), we've the holy grail of reviews - the conclusion. What conclusion? After waffling on half a page of prime web browser real estate, we have... nothing. Well, there's a link to the 'Feature Table'. I was quiet congratulating myself that I didn't actually hack through the preceding 43 pages to get this rather inconclusive conclusion. What a complete waste of time and bandwidth - complete anticlimax!

Link to 2CPU.com Forum