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Is the world any safer?

March 17, 2004


Darn fine points! You did, however, missed one of the points: Oppression (actual or perceived).

One of the primary motivations for all the groups who carry out terrorism is that they feel they are being oppressed or the treatments of themselves or others are seen as 'unfair'. Let's leave the subjects of animal rights and anti-abortion aside (there're terrorists working in and for those camps also), political terrorists (and I count the likes of the IRA, ETA, al Qaeda, Chechens etc.) all have a problem with 'oppression'. These groups see things in a very different light compare with the 'projectors of power' - the UK, Spain, Western civilizations and Russia, respectively. These people feel that since they're being 'oppressed', and they're not in positions to carry out 'conventional' opposition to these 'oppressions', they've to take their 'struggles' on the 'unconventional' route - terrorism.

I'm guessing that most of the participants (not the 'brains' but the people who actually doing the dirty work) of these terrorist activities are 'idealists' who see that they're simply doing work against the 'might of the machines'. Some of these people can be compassionate and caring and it is precisely these qualities that the 'brains' utilize to 'convert' them into terrorists.


April 24, 2004

You say that the US has killed more innocents than Al Queda - where do you get your numbers? I don't know that anyone can know those numbers. Certainly not for Al Queda - as for Iraq and Saddam - he killed plenty of his own people - innocents - as well as foreign innocents in Kuwait and other areas.

Imposing our western values? Which western values would they be? In Afg. it was about brekaing up the terrorist networks and getting to those responsible for 9/11. In Iraq it was about WMD, terrorist support, and broken agreements (with the UN no less!). Taking out a brutal, sick dictator whose people suffered was an added bonus.

Dude, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!!

One of the reasons why the majority of Iraqis are p!ssed with the US occupiers is because US troops on the ground shot first and ask questions later. The kind of strong arm tactics they employ is simply treating a proud people who've endured years of oppression like a bunch of criminals. When you've been kept down, you don't want have your balls kicked the first time you get a chance to stand up. Simple. Saddam was a truly evil guy and he killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The Coalition is suppose to be the 'good guys' and yet, hundreds and thousands are being killed... You think you'd be grateful to someone who free you from prison, escort you back to your family then make you watch them get killed by terrorists that they're suppose to have taken out? I don't think so.

With regards to you assessment of WMD and terrorist support, you need to start reading real news rather than fantasized neo-Conservative propaganda. Iraq has no WMD in the time-frame of question. In terms of terrorist support, would you be so kind to name (or even hint) a single terrorist organization that has ever been linked to Saddam's regime. There is a mountain of material in book stores across the US informing people what the Bush administration doesn't want them to know.

The Coalition may have taken out an oppressive dictator, but the job is nowhere near done. Instead of being oppressed by one of their kind, they're now oppressed by the occupiers, local radicals and 'foreign terrorists'... Let me guess, they're not going to like that! Can you give me one concrete example of an improvement to an average Iraqi's life since their 'liberation' from Saddam? BTW, being 'free' can't be considered as a tangible benefit if the rest of their world is being ripped apart!

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