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January 6, 2004

Am I being paranoid?

At Bank station, there are two conveyor belt-like devices that connect the Waterloo & City Line platforms with the station concourse level. In the London Underground, it is customary for people who prefer to stand or walk slowly up or down the elevators or those conveyor belt-like devices to occupy the right side of these things, so that faster moving people can move along. It is like a fast lane/slow lane arrangement for commuters.

This morning, as usual, I was walking up quickly up one of these conveyor belt-like devises after I arrived at Bank station. I like doing that - I want to get to work! About a quarter of the way up, there were two middle-aged men in their suits and raincoats walking abreast slowly and chatting to each other, basically blocking the way. I approached them and gently said, “Excuse me, please”, indicating that I’d like to get pass. The man on the left side of the conveyor belt turned round and gave me a look. It was a look of dismissiveness or even contempt and continued to walk abreast and chatting with his companion. It was only after the second asking that he moved out of the way and allowed me to move pass, with the comment, “If you really must.”

Here is my question: Would he do the same if I were white instead of being Chinese?


January 6, 2004

Well, I guess I can be a little paranoid at times. While I know 99% of people I meet or simply 'bump into' do not in any way have discriminatory minds, it is the remaining 1% that really bothers me. I've actually met people who go out of their ways to give me a hard time because I'm not white.

I never 'play the race card'. I deal with people the way it is - straight - there's no hidden agenda. So it really bothers me if people do otherwise and even more so if people think they can take advantage of me just because I'm not white. It might be the case that I've spent too effort thinking about this and other encounters; but it is that look of contempt the guy gave me that really bothered me. If looks can kill, this one would be a slap on the cheek.


January 6, 2004

Thank, folks, for your comment. Now that I've had the time to sit down and think about it, I have to agree that it's more than likely that it was a 'stupid person thing', rather than a 'race thing'. I guess it was the dismissive attitude of the guy in front that really stirred my pot.

On the whole, I try very hard to ignore those 'race things' which I think are completely stupid and time wasting. Usually, I'd considered that I'm above such stupidity, but there was something about this morning that really drive me mad... Wrong time of the month, may be?

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