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September 10, 2004

...as a single man!

For those who have followed my previous thread, you'd know that I'm getting hitched soon...

Tomorrow, I'll be traveling to France to join the Ruler_of_spike ahead of our wedding which is going to be next Saturday. This will give us the opportunity to apply some finishing touches to our wedding preparations.

Looking back over the past few months of preparations, it has been an incredible experience - what appeared to be a long way away is now just around the corner. The next time I set foot in the UK, I'd be a married man!

I'm, just like the Ruler_of_spike, very excited by the prospect of getting married. We've know each other for nearly six years and we, whether knowingly or not, have been working towards this day since we started dating. Now, on the last part of this long journey, I feel relaxed, at ease with myself and with her, and a very deep sense of joy and happiness.

We've been through a lot in these few years - incredibly happy moments, worrying set backs, difficult professional situations, etc. Through all these times, we share our joys and our sadness - we know we have each other for support, comfort and even advice. I feel very fortunate to be marrying such a wonderful woman, who knows me well and cares deeply for me. I just hope that I can perform the same for her when she needs me.

I can't wait to get married!

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