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Kyle Bennett/HardOCP

October 8, 2004

[Poll originally posted by nine]

Is anyone else here getting sick of his ego?

I mean, that whole kerfuffle yesterday with Futuremark was a really great example of how he's out of control. Here's a guy that flat out said "Futuremark sucks" on the front page of his site. THEN, when confronted with legal threats from Futuremark, he takes the "oh, it's called free speech....." road and proceeds to post it all correspondence on his bloody website for everyone to see.

I've always thought that posting business/legal stuff on public websites in this manner is inappropriate and is better dealt with privately. Instead, Kyle likes to flex his muscles publically to rally the minions around his cause. To me, that seems like the ultimate ego stroke. I mean, he's already waging war with the Phantom people publically and at the end of yesterday it was looking like he was going to launch into a new war with Futuremark. Kyle is probably one of those people who says "I don't know why, but trouble always seems to find me!!!!!!!!!" a lot. Haha.

What he said on the front page of his site yesterday seemed to be leaning a bit more on the libel side of free speech to me. And for him to start pontificating about "free speech" is pretty entertaining when you've seen how people get banned on his message boards for not towing the [H] line. That's a whole other story right there.

This Futuremark fiasco is the final straw for me with HardOCP. He's so high up on that horse of his that I think he's losing sight of what his website (and personality...)used to be.


October 9, 2004

I've been watching this thread since it started and I think what you guys said is all true. However, I feel that there's still something missing...

First of all, I don't really bother reading stuff on his site anymore because unless something really sucks, it's going to be a good-to-above-average review. You can't judge whether a piece of kit is good or not based on Kyle's reviews - unless it really sucks.

To me, Kyle is like a big village kid who's never been to a big city. The result is similar to the 'caught in the head lamp' daze that you'd expect from some animals you're about to run over - nearly everything is amazing when he's looking at it. Look at all the stuff that he's been looking at - very few products that has gone in front of it been classified as 'crap'. The few that he's came out and said that are rubbish have been really really bad - and when he does say something is bad, he'll completely laid into it!

This kind of behavior suggests that he has little sense of reference. He has chosen not to stand back and look at the overall market place. I'm sure he throws a lot of energy into looking at and benchmarking a particular product and he expects people to cooperate with him. However, if what he finds disappoints him, he's going to lose patience and write a really damning review. Kind of like, 'your product has betrayed my trust in you and I'm goin' to make you pay' like behavior.



October 24, 2004

Big B is completely right, each of the benchmark engine can be found in the games that it is trying to mimic, but benchmarking each gaming engine can be time-consuming and people in general are lazy. Hence the popularity of 'packaged' benchmarks like 3DMark.

To a certain extent, 3DMark is a victim of its own success. Once upon a time, people who bothered to benchmark their rigs tended to know (or at least had a rough idea) what each of the benchmarks was stressing. However, with 3DMark (and SiSoft Sandra), more and more people gotten lazy, and some companies began to cheat because of the benchmark's popularity. The problem just grows when people stop asking questions and just went by the benchmarks.

At the end of the day, what are benchmarks for? They set a level playing field across multiple hardware platforms and allow people to compare one against another under certain circumstances for certain types of hardware. No more, no less. They are great tools for people who compare hardware for a living - as long as they know what they're talking about. For individuals like you and I, benchmarks form a basis of our tweaking efforts (and bragging rights). If you think one particular benchmark is no good, just use your brain and pick your own.

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