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Fast food (revisited): should there be a law?

March 11, 2004

While I personally don't think suppliers of junk food are liable for obesity, they're not entirely blameless...

Obesity is a two way thing:

1) you need people who want to eat a lot of junk food (there are plenty of alternatives they can choose from, but they choose not to have them) and

2) you need the suppliers (again, suppliers can use better ingredients and make more sensible portions, but no they choose to 'satisfy their customers').

Who is responsible? Ultimately, I think it has to be the 'consumer'. Humans, on the whole, like fat and greasy food - hence we like the smell and taste of bacon! And we like to have such fat and greasy food again and again... We don't actually dislike fruit and veg, just that we like meat with grease better. Unless someone can provide conclusive proof that food from certain outlets have addictive additions to the food content, it is impossible to claim that the 'consumers' were addicted to the food as a result of the food producers' actions.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the 'consumers' to monitor and follow healthy diets... The junk food producers and outlets won't be doing their businesses unless the 'consumers' choose to eat junk. It's all down to Economic 101: Supply and Demand...

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