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God help us all... (The possibility of Jerry Springer to run for the US Senate from Ohio)

June 12, 2003

I actually think there's credibility in JS and I think he may be very efficient at promoting the interest of the people he'd like to represent.

[Now, an apology to politicians. The following statements may not apply to you, but then again, I think they're true to a large extent. Your mileage (level of relevance) may vary...]

Career politicians, by their very own credentials of having not spent any significant amount of time doing things outside politics, are incapable of truly understanding the people they're suppose to understand. See, in their eyes, voters are not people but they're a vehicle. Voters get them from one office (a lower one) to another (a higher one) and the more voters they managed to fool, the faster they move up the office ladder.

Once you're voted into office, what do you do? A political office sits in front of a huge bureaucratic machine. Modern bureaucratic infrastructure are not the most efficient of administration - individual parts of the machine are often 'pulling' on different directions and unless there's a unity of command, nothing gets done. Politicians are in effect sitting themselves on some giant, ticking time-bomb. When something fails, like a breakdown of command and communication in the bureaucratic machine, you've to hide and blame the problem on other people.

Yes, politicians are capable of changing policies, either singularly or as a body. But you can't please everyone and being good politicians means that they'd be in touch with all the interest groups who promise them most campaign funds in the next round of elections.

Then comes the problem of re-election, which means the politicians have to fool their voters on a continual basis. How do politicians convince their voters to vote for them again if they haven't actually done anything to represent their interest? I don't think I need to tell you the kind of dirty trick and smearing that goes on in campaign times, it is nothing short of shocking.

For those who turn to politics after seeing the kind of injustice career politicians give their voters, there's a ray of hope - they actually have something to fall back on if they don't get elected. However what can career politicians do if they're not voted in? Become an advisor? They don't know anything specialized enough to advice on anything. However, those who turn to politics will have to be careful. The political system is full of traps and if they're not careful, they'd become just like the career politicians - ineffective and betray the confidence of their voters.

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