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2nd Round Interview !!! Help

April 23, 2004

1. How will you handle the team absenteesm which is a major issue for team u will be handling. ?

2.How will you handle an occasion when you disagreed with a supervisor's decision or company policy?

3. Tell us some of out-of-box plan to motivate your teaam members.

1) Key word here is 'team'! You need to stress that from the get go - first meeting (or first e-mail) point out that everyone has to pull his/her weight, or the team will not get anywhere. Success belongs to the whole team but failure likewise. People who repeatedly let the team down will be warned, disciplined and if no improvement is in evidence, fired. Show your appreciation to those who put 'the job' ahead of everything else, in whatever way you feel is most appropriate or most effective.

2) Not all supervisors are a**holes, so if you find yourself in disagreement with him or her, politely ask for the reason behind the decision. Even if you're in agreement, ask what drive his/her decision making process... You get to know their working style. Company policy is a little more difficult. My advice is that you get on with the job with the rules in place; once you're established and with a good understanding of how the place works, make some recommendation to those who're in position to make decisions. BTW, always alert your immediate superior about your plan of action. You want him/her to be with you on these things. If he/she steals your ideas, go to the next level up for support.

3) Fire a quick e-mail round asking for practical ideas how to their job more fun, without breaking company rules or lowering efficiency.

BTW, well done for get past the first round! And good luck to the next round!! Keep us inform of your progress.

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