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Insure, ensure and assure

September 28, 2004

[Poll originally posted by eFrisky]

Language usage

- Insure, ensure and assure have different definitions.
- They all have the same meaning. "to" and "too" are the same too.
- "Whatever" - language usage isn't that important on forums.
- Other... (please post flames below)

After reading the (interesting) article posted by dagamore but not wishing to sabotage that thread, I thought I'd bring the issue of language usage to the table.

Specifically, I spotted an 'insure" in the last paragraph of the article. Does the author actually intend the reader to interpret this as an "ensure"? Or an "assure"? Do you speak American English or British English? Do you use these three words completely interchangeably, as the mood takes you? Do you care at all?

I would propose, for the sake of easy discussion from this point, that if we agree that ensure, insure and assure are interchangeable... that we should also view to, too and two as having the same meaning two. After all, to often, two many forum members here already use too of those words interchangeable, too convey the same meaning. It's just to much, I tell you.

p.s. If English isn't your first language, please don't take my coments as a 'dig' at you. I'm English guy still trying after a few years to learn another language.


October 2, 2004

Being involved in financial services industry in the UK, I thought I'll put another spin on a couple of the words (used as passive past perfect)...

Assured: In the UK, the assured is a person (or people) who has entered into a life assurance contract with a life assurer and is the policyholder. The person on whose life the policy is taken out is known as the life assured. The assured and the life assured are often the same person but not always. In the US the expression 'insured' is used.

Insured: A person or company acquiring any form of insurance.

PS: I used to type only in lower case and didn't use to check my spelling and grammar. Then, in early 2003, JEC252 told me off in a similar thread to this (but it has since been deleted). From that point onward, I take a lot more care in writing my posts...


October 3, 2004

To me they who gripe about spelling are just elietests.

Have you not read Gandalf's post?

Demonstrate some respect for yourself, your readers, and the ideas that you’re attempting to convey.

Getting your ideas across precisely is not a simple matter of being elitist.

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