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The internet is full of idiots

July 27, 2003

I'm glad that there're dumbasses on the net. After all, people who use the internet, in its current stage of development anyway, is like a miniture of version of the world with still a heavy skew on the 'technically minded' ('geeks')... As we all know, there are smart geeks and there're real dumb geeks. Even those who've little or no computing knowledge think they're way ahead of the curve just because they've gotten online.

Case in point: I've couple who are good friends of family (they're in their 60's) got a PC around 4 years ago (some no name brand) and then they bought a new rig around 2 years from Packet Bell (AFAIK, it's a pile of junk!) She proudly told me that her rig is now really fast because it has 10GB of memory (I assume that she's talking about the size of the HDD). She couldn't understand why she stopped receiving e-mails in AOL after she stop using her AOL e-mail address and started a Hotmail account. She was complaining that the new screen was giving her a headache if she sit in front of it for over an hour (she was using 800x600x16bit @ 60Hz on a 17" tube). That's not all - there was a whole bunch of other problems she said she was going to call the Packet Bell helpline to sort it out...

I didn't have the heart to tell her how to solve the problems because she clearly thought she had the situation under control... And why do I want to spend the next few hours telling her things that she has no appreciation for and probably thinks that I'm telling porkies? (which I probably would have, anyway).

The point is: If they think they're so superior, let them keep that believe. If they think they're travelling on the fast lane but in fact they're probably resting on the hard shoulder, that's fine - let them have their illusions - it doesn't worth the time and effort to explain to them these things. And if I did, it would not have been good for my health.


July 28, 2003

See, I think you've missed an excellent business opportunity there... You should've say: "Fine, $30 call out and $25 per hour service charge. I'll give you an estimate; half the money in cash when you want the work done and the remainder when the job is done."


July 28, 2003

You're darn right about that one!! When I was doing a little bit of consultancy, some of those a$$hole were just unbelievable!

One of the most common thing was when a new round of hardware upgrades come through (meaning brand new rigs), the directors and their secretaries get the upgrades first. Many of the directors don't even use their PCs for anything more demanding than e-mail (it was called Exchange back then) and the secretaries were mainly Word and Exchange users. Then the system development and in-house developers were struggling with their VC++, PowerBuilder, SQL, etc, getting the bottom of the range of the upgrades...



August 1, 2003

I think it is quite save to say that most people who frequent these forums, or at least those of us who regularly contribute to helping other solving their problems recognize that there's always room to learn more. Helping people can be a joy, and through helping others, we sometime learn new things also. The part that really make our blood boil is meeting people who think they know better and just refuse to listen to someone that is clearly more knowledgeable (not necessary us)... But then again, this is a free world and if people want to go out and make expensive mistakes, they're welcome...

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