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The freedom of death

November 16, 2004

[Originally posted by rmn]

This one isn't quite free, let's liberate him for good.



And this is after they let the reporters in. I wonder what went on before.


November 20, 2004

You mean back when they were starving to death? I suppose it all depends on who you ask.

So you think that incident was intentional? If so, what was the motivation?

And from the point of view of the soldier, shooting that guy in the mosque was doing his duty to his country.

And the majority of the US despises the UN...it's a two way street.

And you'd end up in the brig.

I don't even know how to reply to such a fragmented post...

The good thing about Iraq under Saddam was that no-one knew about anything for sure... Couple that with the chaos that exists in the 'liberated' Iraq, there is actually no way to compare the pre-invasion and the post-invasion situations, not in any way that can be considered accurate anyway.

Well, we all know that nothing happens intentionally, right? With the possible exception of the removal of Saddam (the benefit of which to the Iraqis' quality of life is debatable... see above), nothing is intentional. Say, how about the lack of WMD... Eh, that wasn't intentional. We really, really, genuinely believed that Saddam had them up to his eyeballs! And how about the 'links' to al Qaeda?

Shooting an unarmed, injured man in a place of worship is not considered civilized action! Soldier or no soldier. I know the troops have a job to do, but I strongly believe that this is not in any field manual of any branch of the US military. I hear someone say that the guy is a terrorist... Well, if the US didn't invade Iraq, that Marine would not be standing over the guy in the first place. The trouble was created by US policies and behaving like that is not going give the Iraqis (or the rest of the world, for that matter) a warm, fuzzy feeling.

The UN was created to prevent conflict. The US is a signatory of the UN Charter and a permanent member of the Security Council. By ignoring the UN in the first place and yet going to the UN to ask for assistance to sort this mess out, you must be kidding! And please don't throw me that stupid argument that there are a bunch of allies you can rely on... With the exception of Tony Blair in the UK and John Howard in Australia, there're practically no-one left. Somehow I don't see the UK or Australia sending more troops to that hell hole. It is yours, all yours.

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