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First post...

September 24, 2004

...as a married man!

First of all, thank you all you folks who've posted your kind wishes for us in the previous thread!

Here's a short extract of what happened:

September 11: My Eurostar train to France was scheduled to leave at 8:39am and due to some late night packing/organizing/hair cut/shower, I didn't actually hit the bed before 3am. Although I set the alarm to allow myself a good amount of time to get ready, I must have switched of the alarm and went back to bed again, only to wake up at 7:49am. The panic I experienced cannot be understated - I was frantic as I thought I've actually missed the train!! Somewhere between my ears, a bright spark went off and I check the time and I still had over 40 minutes to get to Waterloo International Station. I managed to order a cab while I got changed and it arrived by the time I locked the door. I offered the driver more money for motivation and he managed to get me to the station 10 minute before departure time. I somehow managed to get through the check-in and security with little delay and made the train a couple of minutes before it left. After a 10-hour journey (with two changes), I arrived at Vannes and was met by the Ruler_of_spike. I can't imagine how disappointed she'd be if I had to call her to inform her that I missed the train.

September 16: Woke up feeling a little under the weather. Went to pick up some flu tablets and slept the afternoon away... Wedding nerves?

September 17: Wedding Day One: My witnesses (and their partners) arrived from the UK in the morning and the show was on! Weather was excellent - sunny but not too hot. 3:30pm: Gather at the house for a brief chat; the Ruler_of_spike franticly looking for her shoes. 4:00pm: Town Hall... Our group was about 20 people include ourselves... 4:30pm: The Ruler_of_spike and I were legally married!! Back to the house for drinks and nibbles all round - the Ruler_of_spike and I share a drink from the wedding goblet. After a brief rest, I left for dinner with some of the crew from the UK, while the Ruler_of_spike left for the 'bride's base' - her brother's house...

September 18: Wedding Day Two: Woke up at a respectable hour and went to the village to pick up some croissants and plain de chocolat from the baker. It was raining. 11:30am: picked up flowers from the florist (the bride's bouquet, bouquets for the alter, for the Virgin Mary and for the benches and button hole flowers for myself and others). It was lightening up a little... Delivered the bouquet to the Ruler_of_spike and then to the church. The bouquets for the benches turned out be really impossible to be attached to the benches owing to the odd shape - it took five of us over 90 minutes to get the job done. 3:30pm: Gathered at the house... 3:40pm: Arrived at the church, which now with the lights switched on and it looked great... 3:45pm: It was by now sunny! But the Ruler_of_spike arrived way ahead of time - guests were still arriving and were not sitting down! Before I forget: she looked stunning!! When most guests had arrived, 'Auntie' walked me down the aisle... Then the father of the Ruler_of_spike walked her down the aisle and before you know it we were married. Reception at the 'bride's base' - somehow we managed to squeeze nearly 80 people into the house! Amazing wedding dinner and we both had a good time!! After the party finished, the Ruler_of_spike drove us back to the house in the Jeep Wrangler, in her wedding dress! I was still in my wedding suit!

September 19: Wedding Day Three: Around 35 people came to the house and one of the Ruler_of_spike's friends made savoury crepe for lunch... Another chance to mingle and catch up. Weather was again excellent.

Here are a few shots of the civil and church weddings... click on them for the larger versions.

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