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Anyone watch "Dirty Bomb" and work in the City ?

September 27, 2004

I live in London and work in the City. The BBC's 'Dirty War' screened tonight was a major wake up call to everyone who live and work somewhere close to London!

I'm not going to question the 'facts' in the program as I presume that BBC would have done its homework on these, especially after its 'coming together' with the government last year. I'm not going to argue with those who think that the program is propaganda, Muslim-bashing, scare-mongering, etc. I'm only looking at it as an intellectual exercise:

- What would happen if X, Y and Z happen?
- What would be the government's reaction?
- What are the emergency procedures?
- What kind of preparation has been carried out?
- What are my chances of getting out of it alive?
- What kind of long-term effects are there?

I think I live in the 'real' world and in the 'real' world, I think I can say with a certain degree of certainty that, London is a rather attractive target for those that the UK government has been trying its best to p!ss off in the past few years. I have no illusions about that. However, if living and working in London is a calculated risk, I want to know that are the parameters and how are the measured. I want to know as much as I can about my chances (as well as my wife's) of getting out of the situation alive and relatively unaffected. If we consider the risk to be too high, we're going to get the hell of out this place. Simple.

The 'Dirty War' program raises a number of questions regarding what I'd consider as parameters in my calculated risk approach to living and working in London. Additionally, the program showed me that London doesn't have the answers I want to hear. If things don't improve in the next 12-18 months, I'd have to seriously reconsider my vocation and my residence.

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