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Here are just some links I think are really useful and/or interesting. If you're the psychoanalytical type, you can even try to figure me out from these links... Good luck! Let me know if you think I need professional help though. No, that's all b*llsh!t. I put the links there because I find the content of these pages interesting and for like-minded people who happen to stop by this site to share them. I'm such a nice guy, you see!

Science, Professional, Interests, Space & Earth, Computing (general, SMP, raytracing, games), Others


Royal Society of Chemistry - main site (Once a chemist, always a chemist! )


chemsoc - the RSC's chemical science network (The RSC is not actually that useful if you want to find things that will stimulate you interest in chemistry - it's kinda grey and dusty! too academic if you know what I mean... anyway, chemsoc.org is an excellent 'interest site' that most people, including chemists, will find a lot more approachable... )

Chemical of the Week (From one of the chemistry professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, who's trying improve the general public's science literacy - a very worthy aim...)
chemguide (Just like what it says on the site: "Helping you to understand Chemistry". and it does exactly what it says on the page! )
WebElementsTM Periodic table - professional edition (This site is run by a lecturer from University of Sheffield, England. The professional edition is very intended for professional scientists - it includes a section which is devoted to isolation of the elements, which is not available in the Scholar edition. Lots of pictures, history, interesting facts and even cartoon clippings! )
Eric Weisstein's World of Science (This is an excellent website for anyone who's interested in science! It consist of five sections - astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Each of these sections is in-depth, thorough and informative which also means that it may be a little too much for complete beginners. It is otherwise an excellent source for anyone interested in the above subjects. )
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopaedia (It's free!! and it is comprehensive! Overall, it is very easy to use and contain lots of information and a good cross reference. )
SETI Institute (Do are aliens really exist?? )
SETI@Home - main site (For some people, finding aliens seems to be a strange hobby; but then again, I think it's very worthy way of contributing to an ambitious project - donate you spare CPU cycles!! )
  2CPU.com SETI@Home team site (Like-minded 2cpu'ers doing S@H )

Global Association of Risk Professionals (Before I started working in debt capital markets, I was in risk management, specifically, counterparty risk management. GARP is a recognized body of risk professionals. )
The Professional Risk Manager's International Association (An alternative to the GARP, it is a free forum to promote risk management standards and practices... PRMIA is another recognized body for risk professionals. )
RiskCenter.com (This is the only web-based news site that has a risk-related spin... Sure, they still report all the news you'd find in other financial news, but what does it mean to you as a risk professional? )
riskglossary.com (Not only is this a good site for finding out explanations on financial risk related topics , it is full of useful information relating to financial markets as a whole - from common terms to more exotic ones, there're all there.)
Bloomberg.com (Ok, I'm not a fan of Mike as a mayor , however, his company is one of the best of sources for financial news and information...)
FinancialNews.com (For the latest gossip and analysis in the work of finance, this is the place )
Here Is The City (You want filth? You got filth! This is a London-based investment banking gossip new site. It's full of fun and things that we investment bankers feel strongly about. )
Wall Street Folly (As the name suggests, this is a New York-based gossip site. I think it does a good job explaining itself: "Shining a bright light on and poking some fun at the money, power and mind games of Wall Street and beyond")
Central Intelligence Agency (No, I'm not into this 007 spy stuff... but the CIA is one the best sources of information. check out The World Factbook. don't go traveling without consulting it first.. )

Ferrari.com (The maker the best sports cars on the planet! )
Rush (The best band in the world wide world!! )
  www.2112.net (This is a hosting site for a number of good quality Rush fan sites. )
  The Rush Music Video Archive ()
Drum Magazine (Drummers do it... deeper! )
Drums.com (Says it all...)
art-online (A fantastic online directory of all things related to fine art - history, artists, museums, galleries, etc; good resources for armatures and professional artists. )
The British National Gallery (This is the digital version of one of the best cultural institution in the UK. Ok, it's not as good as being there and looking at the works in real, but at least it give you a chance to have a taste of what in there and encourage you to go and visit. What's more, it has a bunch of very nice wallpapers to download. )
Chinese Characters and Culture (This is one of the best Chinese dictionary on the web that I've ever come across. Not only does it give you the Chinese translation from English, but it also explain to the how the whole word and phrase are constructed in Chinese. It even gives you all the related characters and derivatives of them... Excellent!!
GreatChinese.com (This contains some of the best Chinese history I've seen on the web. The site is in Chinese! )
The Battersea Pen Home (This site probably as the best collection of fountain pens on display on the internet. For some, using a fountain pen is considered old-fashion, but not for me. Holding a good pen, feeling it glide across the paper with little or effort of your own, is truly a pleasure. To own a good pen, and allow the pen to age and adapt with you, is better than having a good pet.
Paradise Pen (This is every pen-nut's must-see website! It has all the up-to-date well known pens available for sale for viewing and even has a little write up on each of the pens. )
Joon New York (Another online pen shop with an impressive list of famous pens available for viewing. It even carries some limited editions! )
Skyscrapers.com (This is the largest database on high-rise buildings! a vast collection of the world's tall buildings, constantly updated with descriptions, pictures, plans, etc. I'm perpetually fascinated by skyscrapers, that may be because I spent significant part of my childhood in Hong Kong, this site is a god-send for anyone who're into modern high-tech architecture. )
Glass Steel and Stone (Yet another very comprehensive online resource for all manners of buildings around the world. The site deals not only with skyscrapers, but all other types of buildings that worth a look at - historically significant ones, architecturally interesting ones, statues, monuments, whatever... Well worth a quick spin even if you're not interesting in buildings. )
Emporis Building (This is more of a database of all building-related information. You name it, it has it! For those who are not strictly interested in skyscrapers, this site offers some background information of the cities where these buildings are located.)
JetPhotos.Net (Do you like planes? This site has them all! The crew there have put together one of the best collection of aviation related photos, backed with some data and links to other aviation sites. Of course, it is helped with a strong membership which helps bringing together this excellent collection to anyone interested in all things related to jet planes. )
Red Bull Air Race World Series (When you think of flying, do you think of airports, delays, transfers and all those boring things? Well, this site should put some excitement back into flying! Highly skilled flying professionals, getting around specially built air circuits, performing dare-devil maneuvers. Now, that's flying! )

Space & Earth
Space Imaging (this planet is a beautiful place and i just love looking at it from all angles. however, the most awesome views are often those taken from space or from high altitude. this is actually a commercial site that sells high altitude images to people who need visual information for decision making. but even if you base decisions on these images, they're things of beauty. )
NASA - main site (Lots of interesting things from the people who put a man on the moon! )
  NASA Jet Propulsion Lab site (The cutting edge!)
  Goddard Space Flight Center (This is one of the most interesting NASA sites - it is concern not only 'what's out there' but also 'what's down here'... Again, even if you're not interested in the science, the imagery is just fantastic! )
  Space Telescope Science Institute (Lots of exciting space-related pictures! )
  Global Hydrology and Climate Center (NASA's own weather site... )
Download Planet Earth (This is only a small site, but it some of the most amazing digital elevation models and digital images of our little planet. )
UK Met Office - Satellite imagery (You think there're some serious weather patterns on Jupiter? You should take a look at our own planet! )
Geostationary Satellite Server - NOAA Satellites and Information (The Earth is an amazing planet and there are just so much beauty to admire. Weather and cloud patterns are amongst the few of the most beautiful natural phenomena around... )
Unisys Weather - Image and Map Archive (Another site full of satellite images of the Earth's weather. )
NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division - Images & Movies (This is a US Navy site which has loads of weather satellite images... Don't let the front page fool you, it's perfectly up-to-date! )
TruEarth (If you've every wonder how things look like from 1km above the Earth looks like , this is the place! If you find this to be too far away, it also has images from 30m above. This is also do 3D terrain models. )

Computers - general
Ace's Hardware (These guys really know all about CPUs, memory and chipset architectures...)
Ars Technica (More good stuff...)
µ the inquirer (All kinds of tech gossips and news! )
The Register (More of the same... )
The Tech Report (Good, regular tech news update.)
Multi-Monitor Gallery (You think I'm 'geek'?! You should see what some of these folks have in their bedrooms!! )
Wayback Machine (Web sites, like everything else evolve over time. Some changes are less successful than others. This site has heroically archived hundreds of billions of web pages for your viewing pleasure! )

Computers - SMP
2CPU.com - because two is better than one (My favorite hardware-related website! )
  2CPU.com forums (My online hangout... )
2CPU.co.kr - For Dual Mainboard User (Korean)
  2CPU.co.kr forums
Dual CPU World (Japanese)
  Dual CPU World bulletin board
SMP-FR - spécialliste du multi-processuor et bi-processuor (French)
  SMP-FR forums

Computers - raytracing
POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics... )
  The Internet Ray Tracing Competition (A truly fantastic collection of some of the most talented electronic and modeling artists around the globe. This is a rich resource for anyone interested in 3D modeling. Even if you're not into raytracing and modeling, the images presented here are true awe-inspiring. )
  Renderosity (A superb online community for 3D artists. Whether you're interested in this artistic medium or not, it is well worth visiting the gallery... )
  Renfield Imaging (Excellent source for seamless texture images. Even if you are not into modeling and raytracing, this place provide ample images for decorating your windows desktops. )
The Moray Homepage (A wireframe modeller for POV-Ray... )

Computers - games
USAF (When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. btw, that was way before 'Top Gun'! Anyway, the day I started wearing specs kinda killed that career path... )
Su-27 Flanker (One of the most realistic flight sim... the other one is Falcon 4, but I can't find a good link for it... )
CombatSim.com (A reliable site for all kinds of military-related games.)
Simradar.com - Cockpit Building (If you're into flight sims or find the idea of flying a 'neat thing', then you must see this! (Even if you're not interested, you should see it... ) There are some really talented people out there building some very impressive cockpits to enhance their flight simulation experience.
SimCity 4 (Town planners - beware! Excellent city simulation!! This is the ultimate 'god game'... )
The Sims (Who would've thought a game that simulate life will become one of the most popular of all time!!?? Well, here it is...)
Diablo II (Still one of the best RPG around... Super-addictive! Oh, those 'lost hours'...)

Chris Madden Cartoons (This is a very interesting site. Personally, his views on certain subjects are very much in line with mine and he has the talent and ability to show these in a humorous manner... )
Civic Exchange (Chinese) (Think tanks... What are they good for? Thinking 'outside the box', some suppose. However, that's just cliché. This think tank is established to promote objective and balanced views on economic, social and environmental issues in Hong Kong. If you're in any way connected or interested in the development of the territory, this site should be one of the first port of call! )
DumbLaws.com (For modern societies to function we need laws. Laws are there to protect us and provide us the rights... However, what happens if the laws are just plain nonsense? )
HRIC - Human Rights in China (For those ethnic Chinese who live outside China but care about the plights of people who fight for better social, economic, political and cultural developments in Mainland China.)
Reporter Without Borders / Reporters sans frontières (This is fantastically noble organization. My limited words cannot fully explain what they stand for, therefore I'd use theirs instead: "More than a third of the world's people live in countries where there is no press freedom. Reporters Without Borders works constantly to restore their right to be informed." )

eBay member page (A very short introduction page on eBay, with ten most recent feedback comments and my current listings.)