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spikegifted.net - Archive Q1 2003

March 2003:
- A mandate that our firm picked up last year for the investment holding company (the same that we launched the credit-linked note back in January) has been transfer to our team. The client clearly needs the money and needs it quick. Luckily much of the work has already been done by the previous team. We've had great relationship with this client and this deal should further boost our standings with them and our profile in the country our client is from.
- Finally, after I got news from one of my uncles that my mom has left the 'recovery clinic' and back at home. There are still all kinds of difficulties ahead, but lets hope that things will improve from this point onwards.
- It has not been a good 18 months for anyone who's working in the financial services industry. For those who are not directly involved, there has only been little bits of news here or there - only the really BIG BAD news gets reported because there so much bad news around. If you go to Bloomberg.com or eFinancialNews.com, you'd see that nearly everyday, there's some firm "downsizing" or "refocusing their strategy" or "redeploying its resources" or simply pulling out of certain markets. This is a scary time! In my firm, just like any other financial institution, there's a lot of pressure to perform at all levels and EVERYONE is under review. The past 6 months months have been very difficult.
- The brother of Ruler_of_spike and his family came to London for a brief visit. Unfortunately I've been too stressed at work to fully appreciate his visit, nevertheless, it was a very busy but enjoyable weekend. It was good that he now knew how we live in London. This was not the first time they come to London, so we didn't do many of the really tourist-type things, but at least they got to see the area where we live and explored some place that are 'off the beaten track'.
- My mom has now been transferred to a 'recovery clinic' as her condition is no longer require high level of medical attention.

February 2003:
- Our performance bonuses have been announced and it is no surprise that they're very disappointing. 2002 has been a bad year and the senior people have been spending the past couple of months 'managing our expectations'. It is a fact of life and I just have to live with it. However, I don't feel that the amount of work and effort junior people, like me, put in over the course of the year have been justly reflected in the level of compensation. In my opinion, if the revenue is below par, it is the senior people that should hurt most. But then again, I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when I become one of the senior people...
- All the speculations about war in the Middle East are making the markets very jittery. However, we're still working full steam ahead on the transactions we've been mandated. I just hope that the current uncertain time will pass quickly and for the markets to regain confidence.
- I got news from one of my uncles that my mom has had an accident and she is now in hospital with a bruised hip. Very worrying time... For those who know my mom, this is not any easy thing for her. As always, little things for her tend to have all kinds of complication.
- Happy Valentine's Day!! 
- Happy Chinese New Year!! May you have a great year of the Ram (or Goat or whatever)!!

January 2003:
- Our team at work launched and closed a credit-linked note for one of our clients, a investment holding company. The deal was significantly over subscribed and it was increased at launch. This is great news! It is always good to book some revenues early to set the year up. For the first half of 2003, I think we're possibly looking at launching another 2 deals...
- My girlfriend (the "Ruler_of_spike") and I celebrated being together for 4 years. Anne-Marie: These have been the most wonderful and eventful 4 years I've ever experienced and you have been such a big part of this. Thank you for being there all this time.
- Happy New Year!!